Super Bowl Monday

We've been trying to establish a new tradition in our family in regards to the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is on the Sabbath, and we've decided as a family to refrain from television and other activities and focus solely on family activities on Sunday. It's actually been super great, even better than we anticipated. It's good to get the kids to unplug from screen time and interact more with each other. We've actually seen a decrease in arguments and the natural friction between the kids on Sunday. It's been good for me too, not just concerned about what I will choose to entertain myself with. I read more, I visit family more. All good things in our book.

Being out of the pop culture mainstream is kind of a non-issue for me, but we had been feeling a little remiss if we didn't allow our kids to participate in the dominant culture a bit, and have things to enjoy with their neighbors and friends. Enter the discussion on whether the Super Bowl, which is surprisingly a big deal with many family traditions in our community, should be an exception to our own family rule.

Enter the Compromise

We record the Super Bowl and watch it on Monday.

We had planned on keeping the kids home from school on Monday and making the whole day a family activity while watching the "big game". This year we've had some viruses go through the family and already missed quite a bit of school recently so we didn't miss school for our event, starting it when everyone was home.

The downside is that the result of the game was spoiled for two of the three kids in school by their "friends". That diminished the excitement of the game itself, but really the experience overall was still enjoyable.

We still make and eat all sorts of yummy foods and the event itself is quite satisfying quite independent of the game. We still get to have a great Sunday, and then a great family day on Monday too. Of all the days in the week that really need a lift, it really should be Monday. Sundays are already awesome, they don't need a lift. But to keep something awesome (Sunday), then add a pretty spectacular event immediately following (Super Bowl Monday), it's a big win. We'll keep this tradition going.